Introducing Laurel

Actionable policies for integrated long-term care

Laurel is an EU-funded project that aims to help care systems build better systems for integrated long-term care

Over the next three years, we will study existing systems and gather insights into the regional and gender differences of long-term care provision.

Using this intelligence, we will produce actionable policy recommendations and training tools to help systems all over Europe deliver more effective and equitable care.

The following is an overview of our plan:

Develop methods and tools for mapping and characterising integrated long-term care services

Undertake a field study to identify the most innovative and effective services


Analyse the features and context-dependent factors of these services, including the best innovative practices and supporting technologies


Carry out qualitative research to generate a consensus on actionable policies by investigate change management strategies


Produce a white paper that gathers all the findings of the project into actionable policies for decision makers


Develop training courses and tools to make our finding accessible to those delivering care